Terms and rules for the GerGrid:

This agreement for the GerGrid applies to all services associated with the GerGrid. The Grid is a virtual platform for interaction with other people (community), in which anyone may create an avatar account free of charge. To ensure problem-free relations between users, the following rules must be observed:

Rules for every avatar:

  • There is no 100% guaranty for the absence of errors and usability of the GerGrid platform. Use of the platform itself is free of charge for every avatar (exception: landownership/see below).
  • The virtual money in GerGrid is currently fixed at an exchange rate of OS$320 per US$. Direct exchange to US$ is also possible on the website. Virtual money can be bought via PayPal payment or bank transfer. The disbursement of the US$ balance e.g., to a PayPal account, incurs extra charges. These are indicated on the corresponding disbursement page. The minimum disbursement is US$10 (PayPal). Notice that PayPal also charges extra recipient fees. The virtual money may be used inside the GerGrid world for virtual commerce or for the payment of GerGrid services.
  • We ask that all avatars treat each other with a friendly and respectful attitude. Excessive annoyances or disrespect of other avatars is not permitted in GerGrid and may, in especially serious cases, lead to the suspension of an avatar.
  • Ageplay is not permitted in GerGrid - notice according legal provisions! The same is true for sexual activities in public. Each avatar is responsible for his/her own actions and must solely bear the consequences in the instance of a dispute (or the parents in the case of minors).
  • An avatar cannot be renamed - a new avatar must be registered. In such a case, the old avatar can be appropriately disabled or deleted.
  • In the event that an avatar is no longer needed, the avatar may be deleted on ask the GerGrid-support. This results in a complete deletion of the avatar from the GerGrid system. It should be noted that all rights to self-created objects, animations, and textures found in the GerGrid world at the time of deletion are fully transferred from the owner of the avatar to the Grid owner. Generally, all inventory-items will be permanently erased.
  • We would like to point out that a copyright and intellectual property right to objects often created through hard work also exists in the virtual world. The creator can limit the copying of such objects. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to bypass these limitations e.g., with a Copybot. The importation of copyrighted material and/or objects of external grids (especially SL) is prohibited unless specifically allowed by the copyright owner. The general legal provisions should be noted.
  • The use of Copybots or special viewers/clients that are able to bypass the GerGrid-internal copy limitations of objects, animations, and textures in GerGrid is prohibited.
  • Infringement results in the immediate disablement of the avatar and a deletion of the unauthorized copies. Actions under civil law may be taken in the case of serious violations or repeated offenses.

Rules for region-owners or potential future region-owners:

  • Land in the form of one or several regions to be built upon may be purchased by anyone for a small monthly fee. It should be noted that a late payment of the region rent results in an immediate shut down of the region, which will only be reactivated once the rent has been paid in full.
  • Each region or landowner is responsible for his/her region or land. Rent must be paid even when the region is not being used. In order to dispatch a region, the region must be terminated. A notification via the contact page or a change in the region's class to 'terminate' ('Kündigen') suffices. The cancellation period is the time until the due date of the next monthly payment of a region. Outstanding sums are not reimbursed. Objects must be removed by the landowner prior to cancellation, as any left objects are automatically permanently erased.
  • In the event of a system failure or maintenance of more than 24 hours, landowners will receive an according time credit per region and per fully missed day (24 hours).

* Second-Life is a registered trademark of the Linden Research Inc.