How to start


Step 1: Create an avatar

Create an avatar-account if not yet done: Create a new account

Step 2: Download the viewer

Download the viewer for your operating system and install it.
Download (over Firestorm Viewer 64bit V4.7.5 for Windows 7/8/10 (already preconfigured for GerGrid)
Download (over Singularity Viewer 32bit V1.8.6 for Windows 7/Windows 8 (already preconfigured forGerGrid)
Download (over Firestorm Viewer for Mac from version OSX 10.6 or newer (configuration needed, see below)
Download (over Firestorm Viewer for Linux (configuration needed, see below)

Firestorm-Viewer Main-Page for further infos about the viewer and the installation:

Step 3: Configure the viewer

Start the client from your newly created icon. Click on menu "Viewer -> Preferences...":


Enter now the login-uri for GerGrid as follow next picture:


After click on "Apply" wait a moment until the grid name "GerGrid Metaverse" appears on "Manage Grids"-list.
In result it should look like this:


Then select "GerGrid Metaverse" shown in "Manage Grids"-list and click on "OK" to finish the configuration.

Step 4: Login to the Grid

Enter your Firstname Lastname and Password that you chose and connect to the grid.

Have fun in GerGrid