How to start


Step 1: Create an avatar

Create an avatar-account if not yet done: Create a new account

Step 2: Download the viewer

Download the viewer for your operating system and install it.
Download (over Firestorm Viewer 64bit V6.4.21 for Windows 7/8/10 (configuration needed, see below)
Download (over Firestorm Viewer for Mac from version OSX 10.6 or newer (configuration needed, see below)
Download (over Firestorm Viewer for Linux (configuration needed, see below)
Download (over Singularity Viewer for Windows/Mac OSX/Linux (configuration needed, see below)

Firestorm-Viewer Main-Page for further infos about the viewer and the installation:

Step 3: Configure the viewer

Start the client from your newly created icon. Click on menu "Viewer -> Preferences...":


Enter now the login-uri for GerGrid as follow next picture:


After click on "Apply" wait a moment until the grid name "GerGrid Metaverse" appears on "Manage Grids"-list.
In result it should look like this:


Then select "GerGrid Metaverse" shown in "Manage Grids"-list and click on "OK" to finish the configuration.

Step 4: Login to the Grid

Enter your Firstname Lastname and Password that you chose and connect to the grid.

Have fun in GerGrid