How to start


Step 1: Create an Account to the left on the menu.

Step 2: Download a viewer for your operating system and install it.
Download: GerGrid Viewer V1.0.1 for Windows 7/Windows 8 (recomended)
Download: Imprudence Viewer V1.4.1 for Windows XP/Vista/Win7 (experimental)
Download: Phoenix Firestorm Viewer V4.3.1 for Windows 7 (alternative)
Download: Imprudence Viewer for OSX/Mac (Intel only)
Download: Imprudence Viewer for Linux 32bit
Download: Imprudence Viewer for Linux 64bit

Step 2 (Linden Labs Viewer) :: Download the Client from Linden Labs and install it. (continue to step 4)

Step 3: Start the client from your newly created icon. Click on GridManager-Button and then click on Add-Button:
Enter new configuration for GerGrid:
Click on OK if finished. Click on GridManager-Button again, select GerGrid and set it as default. (skip to step 6)

Step 4:

Make a copy of the Second Life icon on your desktop

(right click it copy and then right click your desktop and paste it and rename the icon to GerGrid) then right click it and edit the Shortcut.

Look for the Path and enter after SecondLife.exe the following code:
-loginpage -helperuri

(example: "C:Program FilesSecondLifeSecondLife.exe" -multiple -loginuri -loginpage -helperuri



from bash run:

./secondlife -loginuri -loginpage -helperuri


Step 5: Start the client from your newly created icon

Step 6: Enter your Firstname Lastname and Password that you chose and connect to the grid.