GerGrid Metaverse - an opensim virtual reality game

GerGrid is a 3D online multi-user virtual world enables its users to interact with each other through 3D and where you can build your own world. Create now your free avatar to dive into the world of GerGrid and build your own home in a great opensim based virtual world.

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neu Bitcoins for deposit to the credit account are accepted now too.

Within this world are currently running a few private projects which are shown here with a small gallery. Anyone interested himself to realize their own project here in GerGrid and present his images here public can do so gladly. Simply the images (snapshots), each with a small piece of text or a story submit by mail to: info@gergrid.de

Here you can navigate to the projects in GerGrid:

Here are a list of popular places you can visit...

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Popular places: Traffic:   
Vulcan (Celt) 3722
Free Land (Brax) 3681
GerGrid Center / Tower-Shops (Dagoba) 3282
Rest-Land (Fimento) 3023
Andy`s Land (Tiberium) 2863
Land of Stormwind (Stormwind) 2340
Land of Eden (Eden) 2254
Land of Aronia (Aronia) 1824
Park City (Park City) 1753
Your Parcel (Black Sea 1) 1363
Your Parcel (Blue Water 11) 1035
Outback (PVP) (Tropicana 3) 843
Testumgebung (DeepImpact) 782
Land of Tiberium (Tiberium) 672
Hallig Hooge (Hallig Hooge) 630
Your Parcel (Blue Water 13) 586
Your Parce (Resiton) 422
Outback (PVP) (Tropicana 1) 413
Corner (Dagoba) 401
Your Parcel (Blue Water 3) 380
Outback (PVP) (Tropicana 8) 376
Outback (PVP) (Tropicana 2) 375
Outback (PVP) (Tropicana 4) 375
Outback (PVP) (Tropicana 7) 373
Outback (PVP) (Tropicana 6) 373
Your Parcel (Blue Water 4) 364
Your Parcel (Blue Water 5) 362
Your Parcel (Blue Water 6) 361
Your Parcel (Blue Water 12) 356
CHDesign Furniture (CHDesign Furniture) 347
BigBang Area (Tarian) 335
Andy`s Land (Ammerland 1) 300
Your Parcel (Klondike) 296
Andy`s Land (Ammerland 3) 285
Your Parcel (Blue Water 15) 262
Test-Area 51 (FlatImpact) 207
Fabrikgelnde (Tiberium) 120
Outback (PVP) (Tropicana 9) 118
Your Parcel (Kodos) 102
Your Parcel (Chalmun) 100
Your Parcel (Pegan) 85
Larrys Pyramide (Fimento) 75
Free Land (Fimento) 52
Water (Green Forest) 49
Maya Stadt (El Mirador) 46
Blue Water (BlueWater 9) 43
Your Parcel (Blue Water 2) 42
Parcel of BlueWater 1 (Blue Water 1) 41
Water-Land (Ocean Bay) 41
Your Parcel (Quanton) 26
Land of Inador (Inador) 21
Your Parcel (Eastfall) 11
Blue Water (BlueWater 10) 8
Free Land (Eden) 5
Blue Water (BlueWater 7) 4
Tropical Paradise (Suedsee) 2
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Total Registered Users: 451
Number of Regions: 95
Total Landarea (sqm): 16449536
Unique 30-day logins: 16
Now online: 0
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Grid-Version 0.9.0 Build 26197 (03.05.2016)
Die Wartungsarbeiten wurden erfolgreich beendet. Die Regionen sind jetzt alle wieder uneingeschränkt verfügbar. RAM und Platte waren nach der Überprüfung ohne Fehler. Es wurden allerdings Bioseinstellungen optimiert, die die Stabilität des betroffenen Servers erhöhen soll. Dies wird aber in den nächsten Tagen noch weiter beobachtet.