Within this world are currently running a few private projects which are shown here with a small gallery. Anyone interested himself to realize their own project here in GerGrid and present his images here public can do so gladly. Simply the images (snapshots), each with a small piece of text or a story submit by mail to:

Important in this case is that the image size of the individual images in height or width does not exceed 512 pixels. The minimum size is 256 × 256 pixels.

Needed is:

  • one profile picture in 128x128 pixels resolution
  • A brief profile description / CV or a nice story about yourself
  • least 1 project package consisting of a project and at least one image with a max. Resolution of 512x512 pixels, each with a title screen or alternatively a slurl

After the examination of the posted material we publish this here accordingly.

The following are the list of private project holders you can navigate to:

Project-Owner Number of projects Aktion
Claudius Hedrick 8
Thomas Goetz 2