Avatar-Name: Thomas Goetz

About me:

At the beginning of 2007 I happened to have an article about the virtual 3D world SecondLife * in the magazine "Technology Review". My interest was aroused to the extent that I created an avatar in the 3D world SecondLife *. At first I stumbled through this world and wondered why you wouldn't die if you went underwater with the Avatar. The ability to fly with the avatar without an aircraft or bird of prey was also a new experience. An introductory parkour on my birth SIM helped me orientate myself. In the first time I equipped my avatar with free things (freebies) and then bought a piece of Main-Land. There I tried out the fascinating building tools and the unimagined possibilities of equipping the created components with programmed scripts. The time came to rent a larger piece of land on a private sim to build my own house. After studying the SecondLife * scripting language, I also began programming projects for customers. This resulted in products (including scripted Peds) that were actually quite successful in the beginning.

In mid-2010 I decided to operate a complete FullPrim SIM in SecondLife * with a partner. In the long run, however, the costs for the SIM were too high for me. The attempt to reduce the costs by renting land to a bearable level failed due to insufficient demand. The entire profit from the products and programming created by me was completely used up for the monthly rent payments from the SIM to Linden Labs Inc. Often we even had to pay extra. Due to the immense costs that a private SIM in SecondLife * causes, I gave up the SIM in SecondLife *.

At the same time I was looking for an alternative to SecondLife * that was cheaper. On the Internet I came across an open source solution on the website The curiosity was great and so a standalone SIM was created on my PC, which was connected to the largest open source grid, the OSGrid. This not only had advantages because the PC had to run day and night so that the SIM was available in the OS grid. So I decided to rent a root server from a German provider. In addition, significantly more than one SIM is possible on a root server. Since I am always very interested in technology, I finally created my own grid with my own asset / login server and also built the website for avatar registration and administration from scratch. More root servers were quickly added. The GerGrid was born. Since the GerGrid should and should offer the same as the competition (payment system, PayPal, etc.), I founded a sole proprietorship as a result. The GerGrid website was converted to https with a Thawte server certificate shortly afterwards, as was the login to the GerGrid itself. Finally, the voice module with access to Vivox was also integrated. The GerGrid has been improved bit by bit and new functions have been added. Clearly in the future too, as far as I can.

Special thanks go to Claudius Hedrick, a loyal resident of GerGrid to this day. As well as for his many suggestions for the constant improvement of the GerGrid. This gallery was also created from one of his ideas.

* Secondlife (SL for short) and Secondlife Marketplace are registered trademarks of Linden Lab Inc.



Project-Introduction: Tropicana Island

My little home...

Project-Introduction: The roller coaster

To bring a little variety to the grid and I have always been fascinated by roller coasters, the idea was born to build here a working roller coaster.
This was not an easy task, especially scripting was a challenge. It was worth it: The result can be seen as much. The track is also quite fast, and that has a loop.

Blame yourself if you have still not tried a ride on it. :-))))