Avatar-Name: Claudius Hedrick

About me:

I created Claudius Hedrick on January 27, 2007 after an article in the "Spiegel" in the virtual 3D world Secondlife *. After a few weeks of orientation and as a Moneytree runner, I founded the lighting system (temporarily with Alibaba Ra), a shop for lamps and lasers with low-lag scripts from Keane Koga. In January 2011, the Lichtwerk - Shop was closed again. The reason were the exorbitant land prices in SL * as well as the secondlife marketplace *, which removes all customers from the country. Marketplace is horrible for Land Owners!

On the search the hobby cheap and without technical restrictions continue to operate, I visited many grids. Ultimately, I landed in GerGrid and as a creator of content active.


 * Second Life (SL short) and Second Life Marketplace are trademarks of Linden Lab Inc.

Project-Introduction: CHDesign Moneytree Project


Our Moneytree project from 01.06.2017- 28.06.2017
Scripting, technical implementation: GerGrid Eigner Thomas Götz
Moneytree Creation: CHDesign Claudius Hedrick
Ideas: Claudius Hedrick and Thomas Götz
Project description below the pictures.

CHD Moneytree project pictures


1.Why all the work? We both enjoyed it.

2. I started a round trip in "the" grid and explored what there are momentarily at trafficmakers.

3. What is a Trafficmaker? Avatars residing on land or sim depending on the configuration,
Click, run and linger, make a traffic on the land or sim.
See World / Landinfo below. Depending on how a grid is configured it usually serves to land
And Sims in the ranking of the advertising or ranking of the most visited land / sims up in the
List to transport. If you do not get enough avatars on your country, you will be using Trafficmaker.
These trafficmakers want to be self-talking something for it and fair. There is also the opportunity in GerGrid
Traffic directly with a HUD to buy, but this is rarely fun.
Anyone who still knows the B-B Moneytree from the "Grid" knows from every 20 minutes, 1, 5, 10 or 20.
Today trafficmakers are often used there, which give an average of 60-120 seconds 0.05.
So you need 20 for 1! Which is on average then 1300 seconds of dwell time.
For us in the GerGrid a grotesque idea! Who makes traffic, is also paid!

4. I tested 30 days which are pros and cons of the products.
All products harass users with group-forced (also wearing the group in the hunt) NO-TP
and irrational "TOS" or they force them to use certain acts as only once a day,
Only once the hour use, once used no longer allowed, not second click at the same time,
Two waiting times or point deduction. With a product you have to buy objects to participate.
To avoid the drawbacks in the products, a trafficmaker's Avatar life more than difficult
And only the energy in the PC, there is only one personal advice: Do not participate!

As far as preparation for our project.

5. Set the functions and structure of the Moneytrees on Direct-Touch (see pictures)

6. Set the functions via a controller that manages all Moneytrees across the grid.

7. Created is a Rezzer Moneytree with the possibility of permanent expansion,
Variable times for each operation, anti-bot query, a list of the amounts paid out when and when
Where, a tipjar around the Moneytree to tip and many small things more.

Now cheerfully go on and fire free, there are currently 4 Moneytrees in GerGrid:

Henon https://gergrid/region/Henon/216/13/24
Jato    https://gergrid/region/Jato/236/220/24
Varel  https://gergrid/region/VAREL/889/712/24
Tiberium https://gergrid/region/Tiberium/91/183/24